My New Interview Show Featuring Top Creatives: Creative Colony! / by Erin Baynham

Creative Colony is Here! Today is the day! I'm officially announcing my new podcast show, Creative Colony. After 6 months of dedicated research, equipment testing, tutorials, site development, editing, outreach and all the other fun stuff, the show is live! I created the show to interview influential creatives who keep us motivated. As you know, I love being a makeup girl, so I had on two people that I adore, Billy B. and Warren Bolden. Both of their stories are so inspiring, because they defeated the odds and made their own careers.

Why I Chose To Podcast

I had a long commute to work, and it was so lame listening to the same music over and over. I listened to my ipod as I programmed social media for various companies, some I liked, most I didn't. I knew I had to get out of the mundane circumstances, so I listened to other podcasts to motivate me, and get my mind off of my boredom. You can download a podcast via your computer, or right from your smartphone. It's so much easier and convenient.


To start off the podcast, I've got two pretty amazing interviews to share. You already know Billy B., artist to Gaga, Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Pink, Lauryn, Missy --and about a billion other people. He's got a really interesting story on how he got started in makeup. It wasn't what I expected.

Warren Bolden is my friend of four years. He also has quite an amazing story. He proves that it is possible to be a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist and make great money. He reveals how he got his gigs at three national tv networks, which he still has to this day.  He had many ups and downs in his career, which he reveals in this interview.

I'm not one to broadcast future events, but I've got a fantastic line up in store. I'm talking people at the top of their game, who are spilling their secrets for us all to learn from. You do not want to miss out on what's to come!

Listen Here:

Log into Itunes to download it, or listen directly on the Creative Colony blog. We're also on Twitter and Facebook! P.S., if you could rate the show in Itunes, I'd be forever grateful! : )

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