Makeup Bag Alert: MAC Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven / by Erin Baynham

MAC Illustrated Small Makeup Bag by  Julie VerHoeven Who doesn't love a good makeup bag? I know I do! This collection by MAC offers 6 makeup bags, designed by top illustrators Nikki Farquharson, Francois Berthoud and Julie VerHoven.

This is the small bag ($35), and the petite bag is a bit smaller. I wouldn't necessarily call it small, because you could probably fit a good bit of makeup in there. There's definitely enough room for all of the products you could wear in a day, a set of lashes and glue for the evening, and a bolder lip combo.

MAC Illustrated Small Makeup Bag by Julie VerHoeven  There's even art inside the bag! You soft sateen lining seems easy to clean and the clear pouch is ultra useful for keeping track of smaller beauty nick knacks.

My only issue is keeping this clean. The fabric is 100% cotton. You know how things get--a random white bag rolling around in your purse is liable to get dirty. But since it's only cotton, I figure a good wash in the sink (or maybe the washing machine) shouldn't hurt.

All six bags will be available on August 23, 2012 exclusively at MAC Stores and online.

Note: This product was sent to me for possible blog consideration.  

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