Makeup For Beginners: The Easiest Eye Shadow Combo To Wear / by Erin Baynham

  DSCF1414-viToday I took a trip down memory lane. I looked at some of my old pictures from my Fotki account, the picture album site. Before blogs were big, we were all of forums and Fotki's! In the picture above, I'm wearing MAC Patina eye shadow on the inner lid, and a touch of Femme Noir on the outside. I tended to always wear to shadows in a similar format.

I had a few albums--neutrals, bold, wild, lashes, random. And I realized some things that worked well for me. I have since ventured out, but here's how it usually went.

  • I'd wear a color on the inner lid and outer lid. Always. This was the rule of thumb for almost every look that I wore. It always seemed to work. I still often wear this now, except I now know that I have more lid and crease space to work with. If you're looking for an easy look, this can be your best friend.
  • Gold seemed to be a theme in book--it was the easiest way to go. At the time, I worked for the Cosmetic Company Outlet and I was obsessed with MAC. The discount helped a lot.
  • Liquid foundation like Studio Fix Fluid or creamy Studio Tech was always on deck.
  • I likely lined my eye from the start of my pupil out to the lash line.



In this image, I'm wearing MAC Gold Pigment on the inner corner, and Pink Bronze on the outside. Let me make this clear, I wear Pink Bronze Pigment more than any other pigment. It's one of my top 3 favorites. It looks absolutely out of control gorgeous on brown skin. I wore it on eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it. Sorry for the crappy image!

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