25+ Posts from IFB That Will Take Your Blog to A New Level / by Erin Baynham

  I found the Independent Fashion Bloggers site about 3-4 years ago. I became obsessed with the blogging tips. Obsessed. While the focus is fashion blogging, 90% of the content could apply to any type of blog. (I highly suggest that you subscribe to their email list and get updates on new posts throughout the week.) I've been to two of their conferences (they've got another coming up in September), and each was empowering, insightful and a helluva lot of fun. Those 3 am train trips to NYC were totally worth it, I'm telling you.

This resource is so phenomenal because their isn't always a lot of help with things like this--people just don't like to share sometimes. Here are over 25 links to outstanding articles that will help you throughout your blogging journey!

  1. How To Photograph Your Personal Style
  2. How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level
  3. How to Take Your Own Outfit Photos
  4. 5 Steps to Create A Successful for Niche for your Blog
  5. 5 Quick & Easy Photo Processing Tricks For A More Beautiful You
  6. 5 Tips on How to Set Traffic Goals for Yourself
  7. 5 Ways to Engage your Facebook Community
  8. Photography 101: Know Your DSLR Dial
  9. Pitch Yourself (And Your Blog) To The Press
  10. Blogger Must: Fine Tune Your Content By Knowing Your End Game
  11. Bloggers Share Their Photo Editing Tips
  12. 50 Online Tools to Better Your Blog
  13. Be Irresistible to Brands
  14. Why Your Job Title is Killing Your Credibility
  15. How To Create Your Media Kit
  16. Bloggers Share Their Photo Editing Tips
  17. The Essential Guide to Fearless Blogging
  18. How to Discover Your Blogging Talents
  19. Reach Beyond Your Niche: Should You Expand Your Content?
  20. How to Use Storytelling to Boost Your Traffic
  21. Droid vs. Iphone: A Fashion Bloggers Comparison
  22. 6 Tips for Getting the Most out of your RSS Feed
  23. Why Fashion Bloggers Should Love Instagram
  24. Why Bloggers Don't Need Agents
  25. An Open Letter to Journalists and Brands about Blogger Compensation
  26. The Essential Blogger's Guide to Negotiating
  27. 20 Inspired Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  28. Try, Try Again: A Failure Can Lead to a Success Story
  29. The Reality of Blogging While Working a Full Time Job
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