I'm Fighting My Inner Battles: The Essence Magazine Young, Black and Amazing Photo Challenge / by Erin Baynham

Essence Young, Black and AmazingI have no regrets in life. I've made some positive choices, and definitely some negatives.  I've been an awful student forever, and sometimes I have trouble finishing what I start. I get a great idea, then I suddenly rush with the next great thing. I never have trouble seeing the big picture, but I almost always have trouble taking the steps to get there.  The biggest pet peeve about myself is my battle with focus. It was a major struggle as a child, and an even harder struggle now at 27 years old. I could go on, but you get the point. These are just a few things that I wish I could grab hold of, box them up, drive them to the nearest ocean, put them on a boat and set them free. The Essence Young, Black and Amazing photo challenge is something that I really want to finish. This is 7 days of encouragement for all of us. Yesterday was the first day (sorry I didn't post it!), and I posted the Obamas as my idols. When I see those brilliant Brown people, I always know that I should be studying an hour longer or working an hour longer. You don't get that kind of power by only giving 70%.

For the next seven days, I'll be posting the 7 photos listed above (My Instagram name is ErinScandalous). To join in, just post a picture daily (to Instagram/Twitter) and use the #EssenceYBA hashtag. This will serve as visual reminders that I (and all of us) can make anything happen. Not a few things, not somethings. Anything we put our minds to. Carpe diem.

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