Erin's MAC Blush Collection, Part 3 / by Erin Baynham

Erin's MAC Blush Collection 3

For the final installment of Erin's MAC Blush Collection (view part one and two here), I'm showing a few of my all time faves! Again, I got these colors as I bought for my kit, swaps, samples or gratis.

Erin's MAC Blush Collection

As you see, these palettes are a mix of all kinds of goodies. Since orange blushes look so fantastic on brown skin, I bought Burnt Pepper and Devil. Both are packed with pigment, so you really have to use a light hand. I usually still grab Nars Taj Mahal or Exhibit A first, but I'm a hoarder and had to have these too. These are MAC Pro blushes and can only be purchased at a Pro store or via the 800 number or website. Style is a softer, frostier orange. It's not one of my faves.

Azalea, oh how I sing your praises. MAC Azalea is a bright pink with a lovely sheen. I wore it in my Make Up For Ever video, and you'll see how fantastic it is there.  It's just so freaking good. Seriously. I bought this at MAC Pro as well. Frankly Scarlet is one that is available at any MAC store. It's a really great bright blush, perfect for layering. It doesn't touch Azalea though.

Ablaze has been my go to neutral blush since I bought it. It's such an average color in the pan, but it's just perfect for every look that you can think of. Here's a video of me wearing it. I bought Blush Baby and Sincere because those were two standard blush colors for women around or lighter than NW35. You could almost always make a sale when you put it on. I bought them for my kit.

Voila, there it is! I've given away a few blushes, and some just aren't worth showing. I hope you've enjoyed!

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