Threading and Waxing Hurts Like Hell, So I'm Trying These! / by Erin Baynham

One of the most affordable forms of torture is getting my brows done. It never fails, my eyes water like crazy and I flinch in pain. A few of the ladies on twitter kept telling me that it's not supposed to hurt, but I can't change my pain threshold!  


I'll be applying "Feel Less" by Sun Maita on my brows 10 minutes before I get there. It's supposed to slightly numb the skin, and reduce the feeling of someone ripping hair from your face. I received this inside an at-home threading kit a few years ago, but it is also sold seperately. Here's hoping for a painless session!


7pm--I used this as directed and let me tell you, it didn't work. Instead of just tearing up like I usually do, I actually shed tears. I didn't boo-hoo, but I felt tears hit my cheeks.  I used this back in 2009 for tweezing, and it worked a lot better then. Tweezing has always just kind of hurt, threading always hurt like hell. Also, I realized that I hadn't posted the link to the products earlier. I can't find the shop anywhere, so I'm thinking it went out of business, or they just don't make these products anymore. Well, don't worry, you didn't miss much.

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