My MAC Ruffian Instant Manicure--Could I Get Used to This? / by Erin Baynham

Spectator cream with black half moon, black french tip and black ruffian ensignia (creme) The MAC Ruffian collection just debuted, and I have to say, I was anxious to see the designs. I've seen various nail techs working vigourously backstage during fashion week, and always wondered why they didn't go this route. I'm no model, but I wondered if I could do the same.

I had my doubts from jump, but MAC had most of it figured out. There are two sets of 12 nails, so you can choose the appropriate size of each nail. Each is pre-glued, so it takes about 3 minutes for a full manicure. You could virtually have a new look in no time.

The designs were pretty cool. I'm wearing Spectrum. I think the other two sets of nails were way cuter than the ones that I'm wearing. I knew it would be a huge contrast in skin color, and the length was crazy long for me.

As far as buying these nails, wearing them comfortably and incorporating them into real life (for $25), nope. They just felt unnatural to me. However, I have never liked wearing acrylic or any other type of faux nail. In fact, they all feel unnatural to me.

I tried them on, snapped 8 pictures and took them off again. Some of the nails felt like they'd stay on for a few days, but others came off without a good tug. I don't know if the nails are reusable, but I wouldn't chance it.

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