Update: My Sunburn Still Looks Disgusting--Peeling, Dryness, Stinging and Dark Marks Galore / by Erin Baynham

It had been 3 weeks since my first battle with sunburn (view my scabby skin here). For the sake of your stomach (and mine), I posted the more graphic pictures under the cut. I mean really, some of the pictures are full of detail, and really, really gross. Pictured here are a few other products that I'm using to take care of my skin now that the worst is over! I'll describe them more as the post goes on. sunburn of dark skin, african american

The day after I posted my first sunburn documentary, I woke up to this.

african american dark skin face peeling sunburn


This is when I officially knew I had an issue.  I pretty much new it the day before, but this mess was the real deal. My face was absolutely peeling out of control. When I woke up, my face felt crusty and scabby. The dead skin was hard, and I was terrified I couldn't get rid of it. After finding some articles online, I used Aveeno Smart Essentials Pure Purifying Face Wash on my face, let it sit for a few minutes, then sloughed off the skin with a wet wash cloth. I immediately felt like I was back with my Aveeno crew in Santa Monica! Ah, memories.

sunburn on african american skin

After I sloughed off the skin, this is what I was left with. It looked 1000% better! Well, it looked better than 20 minutes before. My skin felt leathery and you could tell that there was definitely damage. The issue was far from over. As the days went on, I got more scabby spots going up my face. There were scabs on my nose, between my brows, on my forehead. It was so bad. Scabbing and peeling went on for days!

3 weeks later, I still have dark spots in the worst areas. It's so annoying. Most people say they don't notice it, but of course I do. I've been covering it with a dab of Nutmeg Foundation from Black Opal. I used Juice Beauty's for quite a while, but it expired! Kiehl's sent me their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution a while back, so I'm testing it out. So far, so good.

The hunt vigorusly began for the perfect sunscreen in my beauty closets. The one that particularly caught my eye was ExtraShade. It's created for rich complexions, so no white masks are happening here! I also started using a new product to get rid of dark spots.

Here's the lesson: Use sunscreen every freakin day! Just do it. Seriously.

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