My Favorite Liquid Eyeliners (They're All Under $10) / by Erin Baynham

I had been saving all of these containers solely for this blog post! I love liquid eye liner because it's sleek and controllable.  Sometimes, I don't feel like hunting down one of my cream liners and brushes. I had been using this $19 liquid eye liner from MAC for years. I also liked the Liquid Last liner and Penultimate, but they were too pricey as well. I have no idea how many tubes I went through! Here are three that worked well for me, and my favorite so far.


The L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner gives a super rich black color. It has an interesting texture, which makes it look like you can peel it off. However, I hate the felt tip applicator. It's so flimsy that I was making uneven lines. I ended up using my MAC 208 angled brow brush and applying it from the felt tip.


Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Liner was the first drugstore liner that I tried. I loved the small handle, becuase I got a very precise grip. The color was okay at first, because it is the first one that I tried. I realized after I bought a few other liners that the color isn't very dark. Sometimes it seemed like it was mixed with water.


The Maybelline Eye Studio® Master Precise™ Ink Pen Eyeliner is my favorite right now! I received it at the Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards a couple of weeks ago. If it was rated a winner, then it had to be good! Well, they definitely didn't dissapoint. The tip is long and firm, perfect for using on its side. The color was a dense black, and lasted all day. I still haven't found anything to dislike from this product. The only other Maybelline product that was this good was Red Revival lipstick!


My friend Nik told me about the Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner, and it totally is. The formula is a little thinner than the others, but I used the entire liner pen with no worries. Can't beat that!

What's your favorite liquid liner? Leave a comment (and a blog post or video link) and let us see the hype!