Diary of a Has Been Makeup Artist / by Erin Baynham

I'm not a makeup artist.

Erin's "Makeup Kit"Well, at least I'm not anymore. You know the saying, once you're an athlete, always an athlete. Once a (insert anything), always a (whatever you chose). Well, I sure hoped "once a makeup artist, always a makeup artist" rolled right along with that. I had to do makeup for my former neighbor Sarah.

You know how it goes as a makeup artist. You don't always have a perfect table with impeccable lighting and room to post all of our products. Sometimes your table is a trunk, or the top of a sink. This go round, I had her bedroom floor. I worked extra hard to make sure there were no spills that I'd get fought over.

I sold my makeup kit last year or so because I was positive that I wouldn't be doing makeup anymore. I thought I explained that I don't have a kit anymore, so the most I could supply was eye shadow, blush and lip color. Well, this year, I had the exciting task of trying to cover the lovely teenage acne that almost all of us had.

I ran back home and scrounged up any random foundations that I could find. I grabbed my old concealer set from MAC, my Make Up For Ever Camouflage set and a few random foundations that I found later. Then came the test: could I custom blend her foundation with the few that I had?


How did I do it? The same way I did it at MAC and Smashbox, and any other job that I did: figure it out as you go along. To my knowledge, there is no magic formula to make this work. I mixed a few lights and a darker shade, then test a bit, then add and test, then add and test. Before you know it, you've got it!

Just thought I'd share my makeup adventure with you all. : )

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