My $10 Ulta Haul Packed with NYX Cosmetics and Lashes! / by Erin Baynham

Among my list of things to do on Saturday: homework, hair appointment, and Ulta! I saw a girl on Instagram who had immaculate brows, she said she used a Coastal Scents brow kit. And then, my curiosity widened. I jumped on my ipad while laying in bed, looking for every brow set under $5. The NYX brow kit looked pretty good, so I figured I would reward myself with a tiny purchase.

Naturally, I didn't get one thing. Apparently, NYX was 40% this week! I grabbed three lip pencils and the brow set. Plus, I had a coupon for $3.50 off of a $10 purchase. "Uh oh, looks like your subtotal is $9.98, did you want to get something else to redeem your coupon?" They always know how to get you. "Oh, it looks like you've earned a $4 off coupon too, did you want to use that?" Crap, I'm in deeper.


In all, I bought:

...for the grand total of $10.96. Yep, that's under $2 a pop ($1.86 to be exact). Oh yeah!

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