My Favorite Eyebrow Tutorial (Video!) / by Erin Baynham

I love a natural looking polished brow. I've talked about this video by Nikkia of Silver Lips Beauty before, but figured I should share it here on my blog. I've seen Nikkia out and about several times, and her makeup is always lovely. It's not over the top, it doesn't look too "forced", she just wears it really well. When I'm looking at her videos or pictures on her site, I always drift to her brows. They are just really, really good. You can tell that she spends time on them, but doesn't look to make them dramatic. Hey, I love a drag-esque, uber-highlighted, filled to the core brow like the next person--but only in certain situations, i.e. working behind a counter, out in a dark club, Tumblr/Instagram/Youtube etc. If you're looking for a tutorial that shows the perfect "I'm not trying to hard to make my brows look overly perfect but they look haute" brow, check out this video (and the rest of her vids on youtube)! By the way, Nikkia was part of my roundup of Brown beauty bloggers with fierce makeup! Be sure to check out the list and follow these ladies' blogs!

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