Day 12: Spread the Word: Creating Business Cards For Your Blog + A Few Great Examples --25 Days To A Better Beauty and Fashion Blog Challenge #SBBC / by Erin Baynham

This post is part of the Scandalous Beauty 25 Days To A Better Beauty And Fashion Blog Challenge! For even more tips, be sure to check out Erin's Guide to Better Beauty Blogging. If you're going to be serious about blogging, you're going to need business cards. I can't tell you how many times that I've been in conversation, and it randomly ends with "Oh, you want to check out my blog? Here's a card."  You never, ever know when you'll need them. I can't imagine how many opportunities you could miss just by not handing out your card. Never be without them. Ever. Ever. I hear "You know what? I just ran out of cards..." far more than I hear "Here's my card."

I say this because I forget my cards all the time. I now keep 10 in my wallet and 10 in the zipper of my handbag. I will never be out them again.

Don't forget to include these key things on your blog:

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Address
  • Contact
  • Social Media (If you use it)
People might decide to follow you on twitter as they sit on the subway, or someone might want to email you for a partnership. Don't make people have to search your blog to find you. Make it a piece of cake.

I've used Moo Cards and to make my business cards. Moo uses super smooth, silky paper that's a pleasure to hold. The cards are thick and very high quality. They are easy to make online, and they have a variety of options to use. Moo is slightly pricey when compared to other brands, but the quality is superb. If you're ordering a small amount of cards, you should go through them. Uprinting is a jack of all printing trades, and the quality is very good (but doesn't compare to Moo).


Scandalous Beauty Old Card

This is my first business card for Scandalous Beauty. I got them made at Staples. They did the job, but weren't that fancy.

Scandalous Beauty New Card

These are my newer cards. I made them using Photoshop, and they get the job done too. Needless to say, they could be much better, and I'm making a new set of them next month. At the time, all I knew how to do was use text. Either way, these cards make me sad when I look at them.

Here are some blogger card submissions.

UVanity  Business Card

These are the Mini Moo cards by Justin, a fashion blogger at He used an image that reflects his style perfectly.

This card was submitted my Gloria Yang.


 JenniLovette Cards


These cards were submitted by Barbara at and Jenni at