My New Makeup Storage, Under $5 / by Erin Baynham

My "cup holders" for beauty products are running over like crazy. I cram items into them to make room. This weekend, I went in Ollie's looking for a cheap iced coffee solution (I'll cover this on There was an "office supply" buyout section, and here we go!

I bought two of the small black cups, and one of the larger cups. A grand total of $4 bucks (plus tax). One large Rubbermaid cup cost about $4.

This is one of my makeup brush cups, full and yearning for relief.

I split most of my face brushes into one container, and they look so much happier now! I'll go into more detail and separate the eye brushes. I also store my mascaras, eye pencils, lip liners and some applicators in these cups. I can't get enough!

This is footage from my old, disorganized setup. Sadly, it still sort of looks like this. I've got more makeup now, so the saga continues. I'd like to buy a wardrobe from Ikea or good shelving, and use clear bins to to separate products by color [pink glosses, pink lipsticks, mascaras, palettes].

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