Updated: MAC Semi Precious Eye Shadow -- Loads of Pics, Swatches and Review / by Erin Baynham

Anytime MAC creates Mineralize products, it's almost always worth it to have them.  They are always way better than the tradtional shadows! This go round, MAC has created a collection of shadows, glosses, lipsticks and brushes that are sure to add sparkle to your look. Anywho, onto the swatches! As you can see, they are nice when swatched dry, but wet...they are perfection!!! This collection will be available on July 7th, 2011, and the shadows retail for $20 USD.

Quartz Fusion

Hint of Saphire, Clarity

Golden Gaze, Blue Sheen

Unsurpassable, Dark Indulgence

left to right: Unsurpassable, Clarity, Hint of Saphire [all swatched dry]

Way more swatches, under the cut!

left to right: Golden Gaze [swatched dry], Golden Gaze [swatched wet]

This is a dry swatch of Blue Sheen on my finger. How gorgeous is that?!

left to right: Blue Sheen[swatched dry], Blue Sheen [swatched wet]


left to right: Dark Indulgence [swatched dry], Dark Indulgence [swatched wet]


left to right: Quartz Fusion [swatched dry], Quartz Fusion [swatched wet]

My Picks: Golden Gaze, Dark Indulgence and Blue Sheen! They have fantastic color pay when they are wet and dry.  The others are a bit "dusty" when they are dry.

Note: This product was sent for possible review consideration. This gave me the ability to touch, swatch and accurately review the product. This post reflects my honest opinion.

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