The MAC Eyeshadows I REALLY Cannot Live Without! [Includes Tutorials] / by Erin Baynham

Now that my collection boasts a couple hundred MAC eye shadows, I've learned something.  I rarely reach for 98% of them on a daily basis.  Some of them are "special occasion" shadows or "I'm in a blue mood" shadows.  While I'm still the girl that preaches "don't be afraid of color", I've somehow become the girl who wears lots of neutrals. I'm coming to a point where I like more color on the cheeks and lips and less on the eyes.  I have no clue when, how or why this happened, but it's reality. I created this video about my favorite MAC shadows many moons ago (hence the 'fro). I still use these products, but not as much as the ones listed below.

This list of shadows has been compiled for various reasons.  Many of these have had to be replaced because I hit pan on them.  This is a rarity for me.  Also, many of these are perfect when you pair them with other products, therefore they are staples.

Here we go:

Saddle, Swiss Chocolate and Folie [in that order] are my all time favorites for crease colors.  Saddle is just red/brown enough to mysteriously blend with anything you have.  Swiss Chocolate is a bit more red, while Folie is a dense red brown. I also really love Embark, which was my brow color for years. It can also make a super rich dark brown crease.

Carbon is the perfect black eyeshadow.  I use it constantly.

Bronze, Woodwinked and Sable are my go to "neutral look" lid colors.  They work with any outfit during any occasion. [Here's a tutorial for Woodwinked eye shadow]

Shadowy Lady- Sometimes, I like to line or smoke out my eyes with a color other than black.  Hello Shadowy Lady!

Satin Taupe-Another pearly shade that I always grab.  It's awesome as a shadow that converts easily from day to night. Great with lashes, great packed on or as a wash. [You can view a video tutorial here]

Patina is a silent killer.  It's full of random pearl that is so, so beautiful on.  You can't realize how fancy it is until you pair it with other products. I loved it so much I wrote about it and did a video tutorial.

Antiqued, Coppering, Expensive Pink- These have a little more spice to them, but wearing them together is such an awesome look.  I use them time and time again. [If you want to see this combo together, check out the guide to nude lips video here!]

Brown Script and Orange-These are fabulous for a crease, but are three times as fabulous for a blush!! [I also wear Brown Script as a blush in the Woodwinked e/s video!]

What are the MAC eye shadows that you can't live without?

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