FAQ's / by Erin Baynham

Here are some frequently asked questions about MAC Cosmetics, written without any sugar coatting. Let's get straight to the point, shall we? If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them in a comment or e-mail me! I took this from The MAC Fetish, may she rest in peace! (Although I am considering resurrecting it...hmm.....) Oh, and don't you just LOVE Fafi?!?!

What’s the difference between NC and NW?

There are 4 skin tone classifications:

NC-Neutral cool, for golden undertones
NW-Neutral Warm, for more red undertones
C-Cool (Studio Fix Only)
N-Neutral (Studio Fix Only)

What’s the best way to apply liquid and powder foundations?

Brushes of course! I prefer to use the 109 brush with liquid and cream foundations for a silky soft finish, then using the 187 or 150 brush for powder afterward. Keep in mind, the larger the brush, the more sheer the powder coverage. If you want to really cover the face, use a smaller brush like the 129 or 187.

I have several different skin tones, how do I even them out?

You can do this in several ways.

One, you can choose the darker color that you have in your skin, and match your entire face to it.

You can also use several different foundations, to basically highlight and contour the face. For example, if the outside of your face is NW45 and the inside of your face is NC50, you would use both foundations in the appropriate places.

Also, you can wear one color in liquid or cream and another in powder. For instance, I wear an NC50 cream or liquid foundation, but I always wear NW43 Studiofix on top to even out the warm and cool tones in my skin.

How can I get rid of oil on my skin?

Again, many options. Matte texture is a silicon based gel that creates an instant oil-free base to use with or without makeup. Oil Control Lotion helps to slow down the production of oil. This is a moisturizer, so you could use it all over your face. Blot Powder is a great quick fix, sops up all the oil on your face. Comes in loose and pressed.

Do I need blush?

You don't have to, but many Women of Color don't think they need it. So untrue! It shows up on our skin and it looks great! Old faithful colors include, but are not limited to, Raizin, Ambering Rose, Plum Foolery, Breezy and Gingerly.

Can I wear Bronzer?

Yep, Refined Deeper Bronze looks great on NC50's up and NW40's and up. Bronze is pretty on NC35's and up, as well as NW30's and up.

How do I make my eyes look bigger?

When you line the eye, don't do it all the way around. Line the outside of the eye or the 3/4 of the inside of the lashline unlined. Instead of lining the lower lashline with dark colors, use lighter ones.

How do I make my eyes look smaller?

Basically, you want to put dark color all around the eye. This means to line the upper lash line as well as the lower lashline, the darker the better.

Can I really wear any colors?

Yes! Never say, "I can't wear that" or "That doesn't go with my complexion". You just need to learn how to wear it!

Which foundation works for which skin types?

Honestly, you can wear any MAC foundation when it is teamed with the correct skincare items. But, let's say you don't use any of MAC's skincare. Here are my recommendations.

Oily-Studio Fix Fluid

Dry-Studio Tech, Moistureblend, Studio Stick (basically anything creamy)



Sensitive-All MAC Foundations are hypo-allergenic, but you may want to try water based foundations like Face and Body and Select Tint

What's the difference between the concealers?

Select Finish-Full coverage, will cover any and everything if you apply it the right way. LOVE this.

Moisturecover-Very moisturizing, great for dry skin and under eye.

Studio Touch-Up Stick-This is a creamy pencil, basically "draw" over anything you want to cover and blend. Very handbag friendly.

Studio Stick- Convenient, gives medium to high coverage, very natural looking.

Select Cover Up-Dries to a satin/opaque finish with a medium coverage. Great alternative to wearing foundation.

Which mascara works best?

This depends on how soft or intense you want your lashes to be. Pro Lash is a makeup artist favorite, it's a buildable mascara so you can use one coat for natural lashes or five coats for high drama. Zoomlash is my personal favorite, adding instant length and thickness. There are 8 to choose from, so I advise you to go to the mascara page to compare them. If you have short, thin or damaged lashes, don't forget to use Prep and Prime lash first!

How do I apply lashes?

The best advice I have had is to lift your head up and look down at the tip of your nose in the mirror. Doing this allows you to see your lashline and the lashes perfectly. Then, stick the lashes directly above your natural lashes, as close as you can get them.

How do I become a professional makeup artist?

*First, find makeup schools in your area. This is the best way to get the gig, especially if you can have the title "liscenced makeup artist".

*Attend workshops! There are plenty of classes around the country that teach you technique, safety, product usage, etc. Check out The Powder Group for some EXCELLENT classes.

*Practice! You do not necessarily have to have a liscence to become a makeup artist, but if you have a decent portfolio, and your makeup looks great all the time, you are more likely to get hired at a counter, store, or for freelance jobs.

How do I become a makeup artist for MAC?

I would let all of you MAC hopefuls know a bit about the business that you want to work for. I was just like all of you, going into the store and knowing that I could do it, knowing all of the products, owning most of it, knowing all of the makeup artists. But there are some things that I didn't know that I wish I had BEFORE I interviewed.

1. Expanding Sales-There are so many times that a customer comes in and only wants a lipstick or a lipgloss. I have to introduce them to lip conditioner, 2 to 3 lipsticks, 2 lipliners and a gloss, just to try to maximize the sale. Then, I'll ask if they have a blush to go with it. Although you do not have to sell $50 a transaction anymore, you still have to make your sales goal. Customers should not walk out with only 1 product.

2.Explaining- While demonstrating, explain everything. Tell the customer that you are using Bare Canvas paint over the lid with the 217 brush. This will prevent creasing and prolong shadow wear. Then, tell them you are applying improper copper CCB with the 249, which is best used for emollient products, etc. Next, apply the base color with the 252. etc The more you explain, the more they know they need it, the more they buy, thus you make your goal! : )

3. Viva Glam-This collection needs to be your last name. Tell everyone about it. Sing its praises. Try it on everyone. At my store, it's really the only thing that we keep track of. I keep a personal goal of selling 10 every shift.

4. Foundations-uh, I hate matching foundations! My first few days, I just prayed that nobody asked for them! Always ask what your customer wants their skin to look and feel like. This will determine what cleanser, and moisturizer that they need. Always partner up products! For most looks, I'll always use studio moisture fix, strobe cream, oil control lotion (in the T-Zone if they are oily), and fix+. This is a great way to maximize a sale! Certain foundations change color on people. Using 2 foundations on people is common. Using 2 concealers on people is common. I'll also use the 190, 109 and 150 brushes, for face and the 217 and 239 brushes for concealer. If it takes you 10 minutes to prep the skin and finish with the foundation, that is common. Foundations...I could go on forever....

5. Wear your interview makeup and outfit like you are it. Walk in there acting like you are MAC and you know MAC like the back of your hand. Your makeup should be flawless, your appearance should look like you can go out afterward to the hottest club or social event and you wouldn't have to change a thing you have on. My former trainer said this to me, and it has always stuck with me...Be the best YOU that you can be!!! And if at first you don't succeed, try and try, and try, and try again!

This is just some of the stuff that I wish I thought about before I freelanced for MAC. There is so much more, but I can't think of anything else right now lol. Hope some of this helps!