Just my Beauty Thoughts / by Erin Baynham

I am by far the biggest procrastinator. I should be studying for my finals right now. But what am I doing? I washed and deep conditioned my makeup brushes, while wearing my Aveda Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque and stalking ScottBarnes.com.

I don't mean to brag, but I made the absolute best salad (tomato, cucumber, gourmet mozzerella and greek salad dressing). Try it! Not only that, after I wash my face, I am on my way to my crackhouse a.k.a. Starbucks to get a Venti Black Tea with 10-pump sweetner. Delicious. And then after that, it's time to get down to oceanography, African American history and Spanish 2. *cringe*

Face atelier Ultra Foundation caught my eye a few months ago. It's a Canadian line dedicated to making you feel like a beauty icon. Why am I so interested?

-Billy B., my imaginary makeup artist boyfriend, wrote some good things about it.

-They offer samples for $1.

-They have a good range of colors for Black women.

-The most SUPER EXCITING part is that they make seperate foundations called Zero Plus and Zero Minus. Let me explain:Zero Plus will darken your foundation, Zero minus will lighten it.


Lip Lock,is another super smart product that we have all been waiting for! The site describes it as "A clear shellac that locks in lasting lip colour." The directions say "After applying your fave FACE lipstick, blot lips and brush on a thin layer of Lip Lock."

The best part about this line is that you can be curious and buy a sample of almost anything!! I love it!!

Well...my obsession continues....

I'm officially a Scott Barnes groupie. What a crazy life I lead.

Lip Slick is nothing short of fabulous. It is shiny and sheer, and gave me the straight-out-of-a-magazine pout, literally. The gloss is super soft and creamy. I used my finger to apply it the first time around, but I'll probably use a lip from now on, to conserve the product. It comes in 6 sexy shades. Yep, I will have the entire collection of them as well. The packaging is so chic! I am a sucker for a cute makeup outfit! I'll let these bad boys sit in a cute bowl or basket and let my bedroom dresser bling with packaging sex appeal.

Falettos Lash Extensionmade me squeal when I saw them. I love false lashes, and these come in short, medium and long. There is plenty of adhesive included. If you've never worn false lashes, just practice! I'm still not the best at getting them on, but I am getting better with time! Since these are individual lashes, you can just put a few on the outside of the eye, layer them all over, or whatever combination you want.

Wish me luck, I am off to go make those A's! (I hope!)

Stay Scandalous!

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